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Destination Canada: 10 Ways to Keep Your Sustainable Event on Budget

With an overwhelming number of organizations around the world investing in sustainability, the message is clear—sustainability is here to stay, so get on board or get left behind. Soon, holding an unsustainable event will not be good enough. But in a world of rising costs, how can we implement sustainability measures and stay on budget?

In 2023, Destination Canada hosted its first ever carbon neutral event, Innovate Canada in Waterloo, Ontario—on budget. To help guide you, here are 10 simple, cost-effective ways we found to make your event more environmentally, socially and economically sustainable.

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SocialOffset: Rebalancing the Energy of the World

Have you had to plan or attend an event at a location that conflicts with your core values?

You may be grappling with how you can still serve your profession and community while supporting the causes that are important to you. SocialOffset is an inspired idea that is helping communities in their efforts to rebalance the energy of the world.

SocialOffset is a non-profit organization created to provide event organizers and their attendees with an option other than boycotting a destination where local legislation and laws are not in alignment with their individual values. The tool offsets the economic impact of their event or stay in a city. The “offset” is realized when an attendee elects to donate to a recommended and vetted list of local charities and/or organizations that support those impacted by local laws that may be against the attendee’s personal values.

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