Association Basics - New CESSE Training!

Association Basics: A Practical Guide for Managers & Executives

Room 336, 3rd Floor, Baltimore Convention Center


Open to CESSE members
$125 per person includes lunch and beverage breaks

Presented by Matt Miller, Association Executive
Given their unique, mission-driven nature and structure, working for an association can be exciting and rewarding - and also challenging and frustrating at times.  If you’re looking to improve your effectiveness as an association employee or partner, investing time to deepen your understanding of the composition, legal status, governance structure, and core activities of an association is perhaps the fastest way to achieve your goal. 
As a result of this training, you will be able to:

  • List the unique features of non-profits and associations compared to other types of companies.

  • Describe the mission and purpose of your association.

  • Describe and analyze the core programs, products, and services of an association.

  • Explain the need to find a balance between “margin” and “mission.”

  • Explain the volunteer governance structure of an association board and its supporting committees.

  • List the types of membership, benefits, and member engagement.

  • Describe how local sections and chapters operate.

  • Identify effective techniques for supporting and working with volunteers and their committees.

If you’re new to the association world, don’t miss this new CESSE training opportunity to learn the ins and outs of working for an association.

*Content developed and generously offered to CESSE members by NACE International.

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