Past Events and CAE/CMP Credits

Past CESSE Conferences

Continuing Education Hours for Past CESSE Conferences/Events

Below please find the number of continuing education hours available as well as the program from past CESSE conferences.


Event Credits Documentation
ACCESSE22 Leadership Conference 11 CAE and 11 CMP ACCESSE22 CE Credits
2022 CESSE CEO Meeting 13 CAE 2022 CESSE CEO Meeting Program Book
April Association Basics 7 CAE Association Basics CAE Tracking Form
November Association Basics 8 CAE and 8 CMP Association Basics CAE and CMP Tracking Form
December Leadership Workshop 6 CAE and 6 CMP Leadership Workshop CAE and CMP Tracking Form



Event Credits Documentation
ACCESSE21: A Virtual Connection 8.5 CAE and 2 CMP  ACCESSE21 CE Credits
Association Basics–April 7 CAE   Association Basics CE Credits
Association Basics–December 7 CAE   Association Basics CE Credits
2021 CESSE CEO Meeting 13 CAE  2021 CEO Meeting Schedule
Developing Your Leadership 2022 Game Plan 5.5 CAE hours Developing Your Leadership 2022 Game Plan CE Credits



Event Credits Documentation
ACCESSE20: A Virtual Connection 8.25 CAE and 2 CMP ACCESSE20 CE Credits
Association Basics–November 7 CAE Association Basics CE Credits
2020 CESSE CEO Meeting 13 CAE 2020 CESSE CEO Meeting Program
Developing Your Leadership 2021 Game Plan 5.5 CAE Developing Your Leadership 2021 Game Plan CE Credits


Event Credits Documentation
ACCESSE19 Leadership Conference 11.75 CAE ACCESSE19 CAE Tracking Form
2019 CESSE CEO Meeting 13 CAE 2019 CESSE CEO Meeting Program



Event Credits Documentation
ACCESSE18 Leadership Conference 12.5 CAE ACCESSE18 CAE Tracking Form
2018 CESSE CEO Meeting 13.5 CAE 2018 CESSE CEO Meeting Program


Certified Association Executive (CAE)

Certified Meeting Professional (CMP)


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