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Tuesday, October 16th; 2 pm ET
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Protect Your Meeting Attendees From Harassment

Tuesday, May 8, 2018 - 2 pm ET

Moderator: Janet Bandows Koster, CEO, Association for Women in Science
Geoffrey Clayton, PhD, Ball Family Distinguished Professor, Department of Physics & Astronomy, Louisiana State University
Dr. Patricia Knezek, Senior Advisor, Mathematical & Physical Sciences Directorate, National Science Foundation
Sherry A. Marts, PhD, Founder & CEO, S*Marts Consulting LLC

All scientific societies are working to ensure that their scientific and technical conferences are a safe place to learn, share, and network in a safe environment.  With harassment issues front and center in the news and on social media, it’s mandatory that scientific societies become empowered to improve their meetings environments for all involved.
During this timely and important webinar, you’ll hear how two societies have implemented new initiatives to educate and inform their members of the issues surrounding harassment, established codes of conduct and incident reporting structures, and processes to hold meeting participants accountable for their actions. You’ll come away armed with recommendations for making your meetings safer and for creating meetings that your members will want to attend.

CESSE webinars are approved for CAE credit. This webinar is worth 1 CAE. 

Thank you to the CESSE Engagement Task Force and Webinar Workgroup members: Kelly Clark, American Astronomical Society, Melinda Reynolds, American Concrete Institute and Sharon Lensky, American Physical Society for organizing this webinar

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