CESSE recognizes the contributions of our members through the A.F. Spilhaus Leadership Award.

A.F. Spilhaus Leadership Award

Time of the Award

The A. F. Spilhaus Leadership Award shall be granted no more often than biannually, and it shall be presented at a CESSE meeting (either ACCESSE or CEO Meeting based on awardee availability).

Qualifications of the Recipient

The recipient shall be distinguished for excellence in the management of scientific and/or engineering societies, and for outstanding contributions to CESSE. The recipient must be a member of CESSE. There shall be no restrictions or reservations regarding age, sex, citizenship, or place of origin or residence. 

Content of the Award

The A. F. Spilhaus Leadership Award shall consist of a plaque bearing the recipient's name, date of the award presentation and the distinguishing accomplishments of the recipient.

Acceptance of the Award

The recipient shall receive the A. F. Spilhaus Leadership Award in person at the designated meeting of CESSE. The Chair of CESSE shall present the award at an assembly of his or her selection. Expenses involved in the acceptance of the award (including meeting registration) shall be assumed by the recipient. Exceptions to any of the requirements of this section shall require the approval of the CESSE Board of Directors. 

Nomination Process

If the A. F. Spilhaus Leadership Award can be awarded during the year, CESSE invites submissions for the award from all members, by posting a notice at least twice during the nomination period. Stay tuned for an announcement for the opening of the nomination period.

Application are to be made by letter to the CESSE Nominating Committee, submitted electronically c/o the CESSE Executive Director. The letter should outline the qualifications of the candidate for the award. The application must be submitted by a CESSE CEO Member, CESSE Retired Member, or CESSE Emeritus member.

Selection of the Recipient

The CESSE Nominating and Awards Committee shall consider nominees only from those submitted in accordance with the nomination process. On approval by a majority of the Nominating and Awards Committee, the recommendation shall be transmitted to the Board of Directors for approval. If the Nominating and Awards Committee has determined that no suitable candidate has been nominated or if a majority of the committee does not approve a candidate, the award for the period under consideration shall not be granted.

On approval of the recommendation for granting the award by the Board of Directors, the Chair shall inform the intended recipient of this action.  

Past Award Recipients

1980: Fred F. VanAtta (American Society for Testing and Materials)
1982: Joseph Gilbert (Society of Automotive Engineers)
1983: Allen Pay Putnam (ASM International)
1990: Kenneth C. Spengler (American Meteorological Society)
1991: R. William Taylor (American Society of Association Executives)
1995: A. Fred Spilhaus, Jr. (American Geophysical Union)
2001: David L. Belden (American Society of Mechanical Engineers)
2008: Paul Borawski (American Society of Quality)
2012: Gerald M. Shankel (Fabricators and Manufacturers Association)
2014: Patrick J. Natale, P.E., Dist.M.ASCE, NAC, CAE (American Society of Civil Engineers)