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Please allow two (2) business days for adjustments to your membership. Questions regarding membership changes or status may be directed to Sara Dethloff at 847-375-3695 or

Update Your Member Profile

To update your profile you must be logged into the CESSE website. Click here to login.

Add Staff Members

To add staff members for your organization, please complete the form found here. Forms may be e-mailed to Sara Dethloff.  

Transfer CEO Membership

If there has been a change of CEO membership or transfer to interim Executive Director please submit the name of the departing CEO with the name of the successor along with an email address to Sara Dethloff as soon as possible.

Emeritus Membership

Past Presidents of CESSE, and CEO Members who have been a member of the organization for at least 10 years and who have retired from all full-time professional activity, are the two categories of CESSE CEO Membership qualifying for Emeritus status.
A Past President of CESSE automatically becomes an Emeritus Member of the organization when he or she ceases to be the chief executive of a CESSE member society by contacting Sara Dethloff to inform CESSE of their change in status.
Additionally, CESSE CEO Members who have been a member of the organization for at least 10 years, and who have retired from all full-time professional activity are eligible for CESSE Emeritus Membership.  Retirees who meet this criteria may petition the Board for Emeritus status by contacting Sara Dethloff.  Emeritus membership applications will be considered at the monthly meeting of the CESSE Board of Directors, and the applicant will be informed of their status pending Board consideration.
Retiring CESSE CEO Members who have been members of the organization for less than 10 years are encouraged to contact Sara Dethloff to change their status to Retired Member.


We're about Trust

The key word that comes up again and again at CESSE is trust.  Our community members meet through our hallmark events, and continue the conversations well beyond.  Whether you are looking for a sounding board to help you work through a challenge, tips and advice on industry practices, or referrals to other people who have a solution you can use, CESSE is here to be, or become, your professional network of choice.

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