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McKinley Advisors is an award-winning association consulting firm providing tailored research,
marketing and strategy services to solve associations’ unique challenges. For 25 years, McKinley has been applying an approach that combines proven success and best-practices while incorporating organizations’ specific needs and audiences.


Caroline Baugher

Caroline Baugher, Director, Consulting

Caroline Baugher leverages her experience in member-based non-profits to provide associations with critical knowledge and feasible solutions for their unique challenges. During her time at McKinley, Caroline has developed expertise in market research and is experienced in developing creative, customized solutions related to membership development, marketing and communications, dues restructuring, and product development. Having previously worked in a number of associations, Caroline is committed to engaging and facilitating collaboration with her clients to ensure results are feasible and impactful.


C. David Gammel

C. David Gammel, FASAE, CAE, Principal

As a long-time executive and consultant in the association industry, David has a deep appreciation for the positive impact associations can have in society. As principal at McKinley, he applies his experience and passion for progress to ensure our clients elevate that impact and make the transformations necessary to best serve their field or industry. Before joining the McKinley team, David spent nine years as the executive director of the Entomological Society of America (ESA). During his tenure, he helped set membership and meeting records, which included a 40% growth in meeting attendance. Under David’s leadership, the Society became a global leading voice and continues to play a significant role in U.S. and international policy issues related to entomology. 

C. David Gammel

Patrick Glaser, M.A., MPA, Senior Vice President, Research and Analytics 

Patrick has an extensive background in marketing research as well as association management—possessing both technical knowledge of research as well as a substantive understanding of associations. As McKinley’s senior vice president of research and analytics, he enthusiastically focuses on research services for McKinley’s clients. Patrick describes his personal goal for each client as the relentless pursuit of high-quality, actionable data that is tailored to meet stakeholders’ needs. He has published and presented work in academic journals and student textbooks, survey research trade publications and at numerous professional and academic association conferences. 


Tim Hopkins McKinley Advisors

Tim Hopkins, CAE, Senior Consultant

A true innovator at heart, Tim excels at helping associations find unique solutions to tough problems while setting clear and realistic goals to measure and celebrate progress. Tim has over 16 years of experience leading initiatives that transform mission-driven organizations. He is a highly skilled strategist, focusing on culture, change management, inclusiveness and world-class user experiences. His accomplishments include supporting and enabling organizational efficiencies, revenue growth and member engagement. A frequent speaker and facilitator at national and local events, Tim is also known for the audience favorite Fail Fest at the ASAE Technology Exploration Conference.



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