General Session: Thursday Morning

Thursday, July 25th; 9:15 am - 10:30 am
Speaker: Jeff Cobb, Tagoras
We’ve begun to hear the message constantly: lifelong learning is more important than ever before. Employment and economic conditions have changed dramatically because of what technology has made possible. Information flows through our work and personal networks at blistering speed. Artificial intelligence and robotics are well on their way to reshaping the global job market. In short, massive change is the order of the day – and the only way to adapt and evolve is to embrace constant, effective lifelong learning.

But how can organizations that serve lifelong learners best adapt to this new environment? How do we shed legacy practices that are no longer effective and embrace new approaches to engaging, empowering and meeting the needs of learners? Jeff Cobb, author of Leading the Learning Revolution and a 20-year veteran of the adult lifelong learning business, will challenge and inspire us to not just react to the changing learning landscape but to actively shape a future in which we and the learners we serve will thrive.

Learn more about Jeff Cobb, Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Tagoras.

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