Experiential Learning: Baltimore Museum of Art

Baltimore Museum of Art: An Exercise in Interpretation, Communication and Decision Making

Date:  Wednesday, July 24, 2019
Time:  3:30 pm – 5:30 pm
Cost: $35.00 *pre-registration required
Capacity: 30 attendees

Investigate art and explore the process of collective interpretation and decision-making.

In a 60-minute interactive tour at The Baltimore Museum of Art, engage in rich discussions and analyses of artworks. Hone your observational skills, listen closely to your peers, and learn about the artworks in this facilitated dialogue that will put your executive skills into practice. A 40-minute, in-depth discussion of a selection of artworks in the collection, followed by a 20-minute debrief to reflect on the learning from the conversation, exploring how ambiguity and diverse perspectives are critical to meaning-making and arriving at decisions. Participants do not need previous training in art history.
Connection to Association Work:  
Exploration of art provokes discussion, can help one learn how to think differently, and take into consideration different perspectives. These are vital skills that can be utilized in any professional setting.
By participating in this experience, you will:
  •          Create personal interpretations of art and connect artwork to one’s own lived experience.
  •          Understand that there are many valid ways to interpret the same artworks.
  •          Understand that questions about artworks cannot always lead to definitive answers.
  •          Acknowledge and honor diverse opinions, even if in opposition to your own thinking.

Additional Information: 
We encourage you not to bring large bags, as they will likely need to be checked in the visitor locker rooms.

Firearms are not allowed on the museum campus.

Eating and drinking 
is NOT permitted in the museum’s galleries.


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