Introducing an All-new CESSE Conference for 2016

We are excited to announce the new name of our annual leadership conference: ACCESSE16 - The CESSE Leadership Conference.

With the mindset of evolving our flagship event, the ACCESSE Conference Program Committee members have thrown out all the stops and have been developing what I think is our best content lineup to date. This year's conference theme "The Bridge" will embody the connections we make between the current and future states of our organizations.

At ACCESSE16, mid-to-senior-level leaders of scientific and engineering societies will find strategic, actionable ideas to achieve excellence. The new name of our conference communicates the driving benefit of attending: access to thought leadership, new perspectives, new ideas and to your peers in the engineering and science association leadership community.

Hosting our conference in Omaha is indeed a unique opportunity, and yes there are several direct flights to Omaha! With a vibrant culture and welcoming business community, attendees should find our host city to be comfortable and supportive of our event and their ACCESSE 16 experience.

The CESSE Leadership Conference brings together disruptive perspectives from inside and outside our unique community. It is the one venue for education, networking and benchmarking for leaders of engineering and scientific societies that can ensure the exchange of ideas and development of effective leadership practices. Our annual conference is a forum for exchanging information, addressing challenges and learning about new opportunities.

We hope you join us July 26-28, 2016 in Omaha, Nebraska. Registration opens in March.

Need more, here are five key reasons to attend:

  • This is the only conference that focuses on the unique skills and knowledge needed to achieve excellence as a science and engineering society leader.
  • This is where you will meet the best and the brightest in our segment of association management.
  • At ACCESSE 16, you will stay current in the trends and people shaping the future of our profession.
  • Build a core team of trusted professionals who will make themselves available to you to listen, support and problem solve.

The CESSE network is supportive and responsive with the practical know-how you need to produce superior outcomes.



We're About Trust

The keyword that comes up again and again at CESSE is trust. Our community members meet through our hallmark events and continue the conversations well beyond. Whether you are looking for a sounding board to help you work through a challenge, tips and advice on industry practices, or referrals to other people who have a solution you can use, CESSE is here to be, or become, your professional network of choice.

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