Building on CESSE's partnership with Destination Canada Business Events

CESSE and Destination Canada's Business Events team will continue to work together in building value for CESSE members and audiences while promoting the advantages of Canadian-based conventions and business meetings.
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Destination Canada's Business Events team is dedicated to the ongoing advancement of education and leadership within the Life Sciences, Advanced Manufacturing, Natural Resources, and Technology sectors.

Canada's naturally collaborative culture, and the country's leadership in priority economic sectors, play a key role in attracting global business events to Canadian innovation hubs.  An alluring choice for hosting international business events, Canada's reputation for safety and affordability is well respected around the globe. This paired with a wealth of innovation in advanced industries to aid planners and decision-makers in creating purpose-driven events, Destination Canada's Business Events team leads the way in connecting the educational content of association meetings with the selection of ideal host destinations to create content-rich conferences designed to engage audiences and expand organizational reach.

By continuing this strong partnership, Destination Canada's Business Events team and the CESSE membership mutually benefit by exchanging innovative solutions, exploring first-hand the potential advantages of hosting business meetings in destinations that lead Canada's innovation industries.

Bob Chalker, CAE, CEO of the Association for Materials Protection and Performance (AMPP) and Chair of the CESSE Board of Directors, describes why CESSE values its longstanding relationship with Destination Canada's Business Events team.

“I'm grateful for the partnership with Canada and for their ongoing and valued contributions to not only CESSE, but also our STEM society members. Their purpose to provide stimulating meeting environments that are sustainable for associations will greatly impact the advancement of scientific and engineering disciplines.”

Virginie De Visscher, Senior Director of Business Development, Economic Sectors, highlighted Destination Canada's Business Events team's reason for engaging with CESSE in this partnership. 

“There is no substitute for the creativity and energy that ignites when groups of like-minded people come together in the same place. Through our partnership with CESSE we can align your industry with the right destination and connect you with Canadian innovators to spark the transfer of knowledge, fuel innovation and collaboration to create meaningful business event opportunities in Canada.”

The CESSE partnership with Destination Canada's Business Events team will extend through the 2022 calendar year and features new thought leadership and member access opportunities for the Destination Canada's Business Events team to connect with the CESSE community more deeply than ever before.



Destination Canada Business EventsThe Destination Canada Business Events team assists planners in bringing corporate, association, and incentive events to Canada. Contact our team for inspiration, impartial advice, ideas to inspire and excite attendees, itinerary suggestions, or bid assistance with your next Canadian event. Learn more here.




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