Looking Forward with Destination Canada Business Events

Looking Forward: Destination Canada promotes Canada's knowledge capital to attract future business events when the time is right.

After almost six months of webinars, conference calls, and online meetings, we recognize now — perhaps more than ever before — the important role business events play in facilitating and supporting the exchange of ideas, building networks, and fuelling innovation.
“We know international business events are magnets for content-hungry individuals and for those with investment resources,” says Virginie De Visscher, Destination Canada Business Events' senior director of business development, economic sectors.  Which is why Toronto, the second largest financial centre in North America and a Canadian centre of excellence for finance and insurance easily attracts global FinTech events, thanks to the wealth of expertise located here. Or why Ottawa, and its Area X.O. testing ground for connected autonomous vehicle technologies attracts international tech events eager to tap into the region's powerful cluster of advanced networking, software and Internet of Things expertise.
Vancouver Lookout TowerVancouver, with its progressive climate action policies and leadership in power electronics, waste/wastewater management and fuel cell solutions attracts cleantech events from across the globe. While Québec City, with its leadership in life sciences and agribusiness research, attracts the best and the brightest minds to meet in Québec City to debate policy, debut new research, and unveil new products. And why Montréal, with its cutting-edge life sciences (neurosciences, cardiology, oncology and metabolic disease) ecosystem is a standout destination for biotech and pharmaceutical events.
Having the opportunity to experience these new technologies first hand, meet the researchers, connect with the industry leaders one-on-one is challenging to replicate in a virtual setting, although, this year, we are all trying our very best to do so. De Visscher points to Canada's proven track record of delivering innovative, informative events and experiences that not only connects audiences but they also help stimulate economic activity for host organizations through sponsorship opportunities, registration fees, and more.
Toronto Skyline“As we eventually emerge from the global pandemic and return to in-person events, we sincerely hope organizations will consider engaging their audiences in a Canadian innovation hub and that they will take advantage of our intellectual capital to create immersive, engaging events audiences will travel to experience.”
Canada offers a national network of thought leaders, influencers and industry champions that span industries and ecosystems. Connecting with key influencers to enhance conference programming, augment your speaker schedule, develop customized technical tours and living lab visits is as easy as connecting directly with Destination Canada Business Events.


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