A "Foodie's" Detroit Dining Experience

From the mouth of our CESSE resident "foodie," Education Manager Natalie Steenberg, here are the best dining spots the Motor City has to offer.

Detroit restaurants are certain to satisfy any palate. 

I like to consider myself a foodie, even if it's a “bad” word nowadays. There's not much I won't eat which often makes picking a restaurant very difficult because they all seem so good. On a recent trip to Detroit, even I, as a self-proclaimed foodie, got to get out of my wide comfort zone and experience some truly wonderful and unexpected food! 

At our first stop to grab some cocktails and appetizers in a wonderfully unique atmosphere, I ate an inventive deviled egg. Hard-boiled eggs are a food I do not normally eat or seek out but these, I had to try! The Apparatus Room, in the Detroit Foundation Hotel which was Detroit's former Fire Department Headquarters, was serving picked deviled eggs with pimento cheese and candied jalapeno and they may have made me a deviled egg convert. The type of deviled egg rotates on the menu and I'll have to give the next one a try when I return! We also had crispy fried cauliflower smothered in buffalo sauce and perfectly crisp homemade potato chips. I had to stop myself from filling up on all of the appetizers.

The dinner venue, Townhouse Detroit, continued to provide options for a wide variety of taste buds and accommodated our large group. I was faced with the choice of whether I wanted Detroit style pizza, a build-my-own salad, build-my-own burger, build-my-own sushi, or some bibimbap with my choice of protein. The choice was near impossible. French fries are always calling my name so I went with the veggie burger and I was not disappointed by the clearly homemade veggie patty topped with Sriracha aioli. Luckily I was with great company and my coworker shared her shrimp bibimbap with me. Foodie pro-tip: Dine with people who like to share food so you get to try everything!

The true surprise of my food experience during this quick Detroit trip was a breakfast that made my whole heart happy. Although I was saddened to hear that our plans were changed and we weren't going to Parks and Rec to have breakfast in a castle, I experienced breakfast bliss at Dime Store. Again I was paralyzed with decisions. I opted to not follow the suit of my table mates who all ordered the bacon avocado omelet and I chose the duck bop hash. If you see a breakfast menu option with a house-confit duck leg, you order it.

Whether you're a foodie like me and want to be pleasantly surprised by the wide variety of options or you're someone who knows what they like, you're sure to be satisfied with wherever you choose to go in Detroit.

These and the many other new restaurants opening monthly are within a 15-minute walk of the Detroit Marriott Renaissance Center. Step out of your food comfort zone without stepping too far from the host hotel.



Each month, we will highlight one of Detroit's signature attractions to get you ready for ACCESSE20. We invite you to save the date for July 21-23 and explore the new Motor City.


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