The Unlimited Horizon of Canada's Aerospace Industry

Canadian Aerospace innovations helped transform Canada into a manufacturing-based economy and are propelling the global industry toward a greener, safer, faster future.

“Our government proudly champions our Aerospace industry on the domestic and international stages,” said Navdeep Bains, Canada's federal innovation, science, and economic development minister, in a recent article, noting Canada's Aerospace industry ranks third highest in R&D intensity in the OECD countries with some $1.7 Billion being spent in 2017.
Those investments in R&D are paying off. Here are some examples of made-in-Canada ingenuity:
Winnipeg, enjoys some of the coldest winter weather in North America, which makes it the ideal spot for the GE Aviation Engine Testing, Research and Development Centre, the company's primary facility that performs cold weather and icing certification tests, executes all-weather development testing for engines, and creates other tests and equipment for GE Aviation's aircraft engines. One of the more unique and productive test facilities in the world, in 2014, the scope of testing grew to include hail, dust, bird ingestion, and additional severe condition environmental testing.
With 70% of Canadian Aerospace R&D, Montréal has established itself as a hub of innovation and is one of the few cities in the world where all elements required to build an aircraft are available within a 30-kilometre radius of the city. Tip to tail! R&D activities in Montréal include trendsetting avionics and leading-edge flight simulators. In addition to forging the way in new technological advances, Bell Helicopter Techtron is working to next-generation helicopter technologies including a commercially-viable urban air taxi. Montréal is also home to the Canadian Space Agency which recently announced Canada's new partnership in the NASA-led Lunar Gateway – a project that will see humans return to the Moon and set the stage for further exploration to Mars.
“With the Lunar Gateway, Canada will play a major role in one of the most ambitious projects ever undertaken,” said the Right Honourable Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada, in a recent press release. “Together, with our partners from around the world, we'll continue to push the boundaries of human ambition, and inspire generations of kids – and adults – to always aim higher and aspire to something greater."

To remain a leader in the global aerospace industry and keep air travel safe and enjoyable, the Government of Canada is also investing in leading-edge technologies to develop greener, safer, and more comfortable air travel from the newly announced Centre for Air Travel Research in Ottawa, the world's first and only facility to study the air travel experience from start to finish; from check-in to terminal, to security, boarding, flying, and deplaning.

“By launching the world's first and only centre dedicated to improving customers' air travel experience, Canada is demonstrating that it's at the leading edge of innovation,” notes Minister Bains.

Canada's G7 capital, Ottawa is also home to Aerospace innovators such as Lockheed Martin whose combat system trainer simulates real-life battle conditions at sea, and General Dynamics, who have pioneered the MATADOR, an acoustic processing system delivering a 100% detection performance against torpedoes. Ottawa's ING Robotic Aviation is a high-tech robotic aircraft company that provides airborne mapping, inspection and monitoring services to key sectors including defence and public safety, oil and gas, mining, utilities, and agriculture. Much of the research conducted in Ottawa is with the support of Canada's National Research Council also headquartered here.

Halifax, on Canada's east coast, has served as a military base for some 250 years. It's here that Bluedrop Performance Learning is spearheading a $19-million project to adapt gaming and mobile technologies—such as virtual reality and augmented reality—to improve the use of artificial intelligence in new simulation and training products used by air and marine crews.
Just over the Confederation Bridge in picturesque Prince Edward Island, Aerospace and defence manufacturing and repair has become one of the Island's fastest growing industries. Anchored by internationally renowned companies such as Honeywell, Vector Aerospace, MDS Coating Technologies Corporation, and accompanied by manufacturing space, numerous hangers, customized training programs at Slemon Park aerospace campus, Canada's smallest province is poised to support business growth.

It's wide blue skies for Canada's Aerospace industry. Respected the world over for its ongoing investment in research and development and regulatory framework, the Canadian ecosystem is what attracts multinationals to invest, do trade and collaborate with Canadian innovators. It's also why Canada has evolved to being a leading host country for conferences in the Aerospace field.
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