CESSE Announces 2019 Partnership with Business Events Canada

CESSE and Business Events Canada (BEC) are pleased to announce a joint partnership to build value for CESSE members and audiences while promoting the advantages of Canadian-based conventions and business meetings.

BEC, along with their Canadian destination strategic partners – Tourism Vancouver, Meetings + Conventions Calgary, Tourism Toronto, Ottawa Tourism, Tourisme Montréal, and Québec City Business Destination - is dedicated to the ongoing advancement of education and leadership within the Cleantech, Life Sciences, Infrastructure & Engineering, Natural Resources, and Information & Communication Technology sectors.

Canada is leading the way in connecting the educational content of association meetings with the selection of ideal host destinations, resulting in more enriching experiences for meeting attendees. In Canada, knowledge transfers across businesses to harness emerging technologies. When organizations meet in Canada, they not only experience world-class destinations, state-of-the-art conference facilities, and culturally dynamic events and activities, but they are able to leverage Canada's intellectual capital to create engaging, immersive learning and professional networking experiences for their delegates.

By continuing this strong partnership, BEC and the CESSE membership mutually benefit by exchanging innovative solutions, exploring first-hand the potential advantages of hosting business meetings in destinations that lead Canada's innovation industries.

David L. Schutt, Ph.D., Chief Executive Officer of SAE International and Chair of the CESSE Board of Directors, described why CESSE values its longstanding relationship with Business Events Canada. “CESSE, as well as the societies that comprise CESSE, have a long history of hosting successful meetings in Canadian destinations. Canada's highly respected and valued contributions in the scientific and engineering disciplines, along with its stunning natural and cultural beauty and ease of access for travel, strongly position Canada as a premier choice in the association meetings market.”

Virginie De Visscher, Director of Business Development, Economic Sectors with Business Events Canada, highlighted BEC's reason for engaging with CESSE in this partnership. “Purposeful collaboration is a hallmark of Canadian culture. Our partnership with CESSE provides us with an opportunity to highlight the innovators and industries that are leading Canada's tech revolution. We hope that by shining a spotlight on Canada's industry expertise, members of CESSE are motivated to host and attend professional events in Canada.”

The CESSE partnership with Business Events Canada will extend through the 2019 calendar year and features new thought leadership and member access opportunities for BEC to connect with the CESSE community more deeply than ever before.


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