David and Lois Belden Leadership Award

Award Description

The purpose of the David and Lois Belden Leadership Award is to provide a scholarship each year to the Chief Staff Officer and the Chief Elected Officer of an engineering or scientific association to attend a leadership symposium. CESSE will administer the award which will be given annually and will be funded through earnings on the endowment. The award will provide tuition for the Chief Staff Officer and Chief Elected Officer from an engineering or scientific society to attend either the CESSE Association Leadership through Partnership (ALP) Program or one of the ASAE Symposia for Chief Staff/Chief Elected Officers.

Guidelines for the Award

The recipient must be from an engineering or scientific society. The recipient must be a member of CESSE or ASAE, but members of the governing boards of CESSE and ASAE are not eligible for this award. The recipient's society must not have attended either the CESSE or ASAE programs in the past three years.

The Chief Staff Officer must attend with his/her Chief Elected Officer.

Application Process

CESSE invites submissions for the award from all CESSE members, and will post an announcement at two intervals before application deadline. Stay tuned for the announcement of the application period. Applications are to be submitted electronically to the CESSE Executive Director

Application will be made by letter to the Nominating and Awards Committee, which is chaired by the Past Chair of the CESSE Board of Directors. The letter should outline why the society's leadership should be selected and how they will benefit from participating in one of the leadership programs. The application must be submitted by the Chief Staff Officer and must name the Chief Elected Officer who will also attend.

Selection of the Recipient

The CESSE immediate Past Chair serves as chair of the Nominating and Awards Committee. The immediate Past Chair identifies two CEO members who will not submit for the award to serve as an awards committee. The CESSE Chair confirms the committee members. Committee is in place by May 31.

The committee selects the recipient by July 1. The CESSE Board of Directors approves the recipient at the July board meeting. The recipient is announced at the annual meeting.


Recipient has one year from announcement to attend the symposium. CESSE will remind the recipient 90 days before the end of the period if the scholarship has not been used.

If the recipient selects the ALP program, CESSE will arrange registration for the recipient and transfer the registration fee from the awards fund to the ALP registration.

If the recipient selects the ASAE program, then the recipient must provide proof of registration to CESSE after completion of the program. CESSE will reimburse the cost of registration.

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