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CESSE needs you! The CREATIVE. The INNOVATIVE. The THOUGHT LEADERS.  We need your GENIUS...your INSIGHTS...your EXPERIENCES and your KNOWLEDGE to make ACCESSE18 the best yet. So crack open that laptop, grab your mobile and get typing to share those inventive or cutting-edge ideas with us. Submit your session proposal for ACCESSE18 by January 4, 2018

ACCESSE18: Adaptive Leadership in a Changing World
As leaders of organizations which seek to solve many of the world’s largest problems, change is inevitable. When change requires you to challenge people’s familiar reality, they may feel threatened and resist moving forward. This resistance along with outside influences, multifarious 
challenges and increased competition require associations to purposefully evolve over time and embrace the new paradigm of perpetual change. Leaders need to be able to read the terrain, be prepared for anything and push through to make a significant transformation. ACCESSE18 endeavors to harness the power and expertise of both the CESSE network and external thought leaders to explore the outside influences, challenges brought on by advances in science and engineering, strategies to successfully embrace change and the critical skill set needed to drive systematic change in an increasingly complex world.

Conference Topics
The ACCESSE18 Program Committee has identified four content categories for the conference:

  1. External Influences [that require leaders and associations to be adaptive]
  2. Making a Better World
  3. Establishing Your Strategy
  4. Adaptive Leadership Skills

An explanation for each content category as well as the learning outcomes are outlined below.

External factors such as the economy, government, technology, social changes other forces push associations and their leaders to continuously innovate. ACCESSE18 will:

  • Discuss shifts in business, technology and society
  • Explore organizations that excel in continuous innovation
  • Identify strategies for preparing for the business environment of the future

Many future advances in science and engineering are beyond comprehension and will bring ethical, social and political questions to consider. These advances will change the profession and the needs of the future workforce. At ACCESSE18 we will:

  • Recognize strategies to make content and purpose relatable
  • Demonstrate effective messaging around the advances in science and engineering
  • Illustrate the importance and show the downstream monetary potential of the grand challenges
  • Practice your role as a neutral arbiter of discussion and debate on controversial topics within science and engineering
  • Show the humanitarian impact of science and engineering
  • Promoting transparency and data display/storytelling
  • Develop and/or modify your outreach to underrepresented communities and address the changing demographics of the future workforce

Serving the engineering and scientific community is already unique itself. Add to this the advancements and outside influences propelling associations in new directions while 
maintaining connection to its’ mission and we have an organizational model that requires continuous adaptation. At ACCESSE18 attendees will:

  • Learn to manage and adapt to a rapidly changing world
  • Explore how associations should evolve to be relevant for tomorrow
  • Look beyond the traditional association business model for new opportunities

Adaptive leaders are performance motivated, self-aware, assign the right tasks to the right people, take decisive action and always prepared. They get better results because they build dynamic teams that embrace change and channel fear into positive outcomes. During ACCESSE18 we will:

  • Identify adaptive leadership skills needed in an environment of continuous change
  • Recognize staff expertise needed to lead in a dynamic, complex environment
  • Examine why diversity is essential for adaptive leadership
  • Recognize ways to implement diversity within our organizations (internal and external)

Speaker Guidelines & Expectations

If your session proposal is accepted, all speakers are expected to sign a speaker agreement and meet CESSE's guidelines and deadlines. To view CESSE's speaker guidelines regarding registration, travel and marketing, please refer to the Call for Presentations form by clicking here. 

Submission & Selection Process
Please submit your session 
e-mailing a completed ACCESSE18 Call for Presentation form to Renee Lewis, Program Manager, (renee@cesse.org) by Thursday, January 4, 2018. You will receive an email confirming receipt of your submission. Please keep this confirmation in your files. You will be notified in early February about the status of your submission.
We receive many session proposals, so please understand that it is a difficult and vastly selective process for our team of volunteers and staff to review and choose from among the many outstanding submissions we receive. As such, quality rather than quantity is always best when submitting proposals. We much prefer to receive your best concepts rather than every idea you might have, so send us just the ones you think would make the strongest sessions.
CESSE values the expertise of our sponsorship partners. We encourage CESSE partners to submit session 
ideas and include at least one association executive as a co-presenter. Presentations must focus on educating the audience rather than trying to sell a particular product or service. This will ensure your session has the best chance of being considered for selection.
All submissions will be evaluated based on designated criteria during a blind review.  Final selection will be determined by the ACCESSE18 Program Committee.
PLEASE NOTE: Upon acceptance, CESSE may adjust the session title and description to fit our marketing style and format guidelines for the advance program, website, APP and onsite event program. You will have the opportunity to approve/edit if needed.
Please direct questions regarding submissions and session content to: 
Renee J. Lewis, CMP
CESSE Program Manager

Submit ACCESSE18 session proposals using the submission form found here to Renee Lewis - renee@cesse.org by January 4, 2018.